Percent of Minority Population in the Yunn...

Percent of Minority Population in the Yunn…

December 4, 2012

This visualization shows the percentage of minority populations in the Yunnan Province of China. Statistics are taken from the 2000 China County population census. Source

Formation of a Simple Crater

Formation of a Simple Crater

December 3, 2012

A simple impact crater is bowl-shaped with no interior structure. The size of simple craters corresponds closely to the maximum diameter of the excavation cavity. However, at larger diameters, the crater begins to change form. This takes place at a critical diameter called the transition diameter, which generally depends on the gravity field of the […]

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: The Move of the ...

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: The Move of the …

December 2, 2012

These three infographics were created in Adobe Illustrator for a journalism infographics course. For this infographic on the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I chose the topic, completed all research and collected all data. The infographic was featured on the following blog: Source

Brooklyn, New York: Foreign Born v. Native...

Brooklyn, New York: Foreign Born v. Native…

December 1, 2012

This Brooklyn Bureau infograph showcases the community board-level foreign-born rate compared to the overall population. Source

Mean Center of Population for the United S...

Mean Center of Population for the United S…

November 30, 2012

Map illustrating the mean center of population for the United States from 1790 to 2010. Source

Where are Canadians Moving?.

Where are Canadians Moving?.

November 29, 2012

Nearly 2.8 million Canadians live in other countries, making Canada one of the likeliest wealthy immigrant-receiving nations to see its own citizens move abroad. Source

Mining Conservation Land

Mining Conservation Land

November 28, 2012

A visualisation of well-known landmarks in New Zealand, compared to the amount of conservation land the government proposed to mine. Source

Japan and Nuclear Meltdown Infographics

Japan and Nuclear Meltdown Infographics

November 27, 2012

No one would want to have been through the natural terror experience by so much of the world over the last few weeks. I guess one of the scariest scenes right now aside from Africa and the Middle East and New Zealand and Australia….is the possible nuclear fall out in Japan. Is this a time […]

Mint Map: The World’s Resources by Country

November 26, 2012

A country’s economic worth can be measured in more ways than just its GDP and national debt. It is also important to consider the economic potential that lies in the harvesting of the natural resources within its borders. This map shows the top producing countries of each resource, or the proved reserves in the case […]

Night Lights

Night Lights

November 25, 2012

15″ X 20″ Mechanical Plotter + Black Bic Pen Prints, Edition of 30. Edition created for the 2011 MFA Print Portfolio themed Blackout Night Lights is a data visualization using information collected by NOAA Satellite and Information Service. The data was reinterpreted and printed with black Bic pen via mechanical plotter showing the blackout that […]

Trade Flow

Trade Flow

November 24, 2012

Check out the shipping lanes, official and unofficial, around Europe. A continental scale map and region-specific insets illustrate the scope and patterns from a snapshot of global shipping data. Source

Top Languages on the Internet

Top Languages on the Internet

November 23, 2012

The infographic lists the top languages on the Internet, countries highlighted are chosen due to the official status of a listed language in the country. Also includes tables on internet penetration by l language and world population of language (listed). Source