Cross-Cultural Loyalty Study

By Admin, July 23, 2014

Cross-Cultural Loyalty Study

U.S. and Canadian companies are battling it out to win their share of customers, and in spite of record numbers of consumers in both countries signing up for rewards-program memberships, many reveal a surprising apathy about those programs and the brands they represent. Companies on both sides of the border appear to be winning the battle for identifying and targeting their customers while losing the war for customers’ hearts and minds. In this paper, drawn from the 2011 COLLOQUY Cross-Cultural Loyalty Study, the first of its kind to analyze attitudes about loyalty across six of the largest, most important global economies, we consider the facts and challenges for loyalty in the U.S. and Canada, comparing consumer sentiments with data from the other countries in the study. Insights from the study can help you secure the competitive opportunity of the coming decade: Engaging your rewards program members to move from participation to fully engaged emotional loyalty.


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