Killer Bees vs Killer Cheese

By Admin, September 17, 2012


If you liked the Sitting is Killing You infographic (click here to view) then you will like today’s infographic entitled Killer Bees Vs. Killer Cheese. On the evening news we are constantly made aware of freak accidents resulting in people’s death. Anything from alligator attacks to people dying on the toilet. Just how dangerous is the world we are living in? Often we hear of animals attacking and killing humans. As many of you remember not too long ago, in 2001, we had the summer of the shark attack. Leading to many people fearing the beach. However, is it really the ocean we should be afraid of? No, it’s bees, there are reportedly 60 shark attacks a year, with only a few resulting in death. Death by bees on the other hand are 48.5, quite high when compared to the .05 deaths caused by polar bears each year.


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