New World Marketing

April 29, 2014

One of many other industries affected by the Internet age has definitely been marketing. Because marketing is all about communication, the Internet has proved to be a certified playground for marketing professional. Learn how the Web has changed the game in traditional marketing. Source


Offline to Online Catalog

April 29, 2014

Creating a synergy between print catalog, online catalog and website Source


One Nation Under Video

April 28, 2014

As of this year, the share of Americans who report watching online videos via sites such as YouTube and Vimeo has reached a whopping 71 percent. Five years ago, it was only about half that. In order to understand the meteoric rise of video-sharing site users, let’s examine what they look like today. Source


Apple Apps Store : Top 10 Statistics and Trivia

April 28, 2014

“App of the day” have recently posted some mind boggling statistics and infographic of Apple App Store.With over 250,000 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications in the App Store today, it can be somewhat taxing to separate the well-built and useful apps from other lesser ones clogging up the storefront. App of the Day solves […]


The Digital Dump

April 28, 2014

Do you feel the need to pick up a new tv as soon as manufacturers figure out how to squeeze another few inches into the already gigantic displays? How soon does it take for you to look at your phone and wish that you could jump in a time machine so that you could get […]


Mobile Evolution

April 28, 2014

Great Infographic of evolution of cell phones since the late ’70s until today. Exposure of the evolution of the industry and to society: the need and the amazing ability to communicate with a remote level handset to the Micro NetBooks, of our present. Source


Corporate Identity Guidelines

April 28, 2014

Corporate identity guidelines serve as the main foundation for creating consistency in the brand. Source


Is Your Phone Being Wire Tapped?

April 28, 2014

Is someone listening to your phone calls? How secure is your mobile phone? Shhh, did you hear that? That buzzing on the phone line… the weird clicking and echo, you know what that is? That’s the FBI recording your phone calls… or maybe Rupert Murdoch getting ready for a full page spread on your dirty […]


Cutting the Cable: The State of Internet TV

April 28, 2014

Cable TV can be expensive, in many cases outrageously. The solution to avoiding high cable costs has been found in internet TV, where many of the most popular shows are streamed live to personal computers. This infographic looks at the internet TV trend, from where it has been in the past to where it may […]


Deploy Deep Security Virtual Patching

April 27, 2014

The Real Benefits of Virtual Patching: Avoid emergency patching. You can shield vulnerabilities before exploits attack. Source



April 27, 2014



The Changing Role of the CIO

April 27, 2014

CIOs today have a top operational and strategic priority (not technology priority) to support the mission of the business through the application of technology. While they are under pressure to reduce costs, CIOs must deliver agility and efficiency to the organization. The CIO is also VERY concerned about risk. CIOs don’t want to disrupt what’s […]