Asbestos Kills American Workers

January 31, 2013



Total Estimated Corporate Tax Fraud For 2009

January 31, 2013

As many people are aware, the U.S. Government imposes a corporate tax on businesses around the nation. Data on the scope of corporate tax scandal and evasion of taxes has begun to emerge for the 2009 fiscal year. Check out this infographic to get a visual of how much corporations pay in taxes annually, total […]


Bicycling in the US

January 31, 2013

This infographic provides statistical data for biking and bicycle riders in the U.S. It provides a map of the U.S showing, by state, the number and percentage of bicycle riders. It also provides data about number of bicycle related fatalities in 2008 and government spending on bike-ped infrastructure. Source


The Top 250 Best Movies of All Time Map

January 31, 2013

This is a map listing of all of the 250 best movies, as voted by users on the 19th of june 2009. Hope you’ll have fun travelling around this cinematographic subway plan! Source


Snapshot of Security in America

January 31, 2013

In an effort to measure consumer concerns in four key areas — Internet, personal safety, national, financial — Unisys conducts two surveys a year to build its Security Index. Meant to “assist companies and governments to better interpret the implications of broad political, economical and societal forces on consumer perceptions, concerns and needs in different […]


Why do people continue drawing?

January 31, 2013



An E-Filing Environment

January 31, 2013

E-filing of one’s taxes is on the rise over the years, and it’s a good thing, considering how much of a positive influence it can have on the environment due to all the paper that is saved. Source


Russians View on European Missile Shield

January 31, 2013

Deployment of a missile defense network in relative proximity to the Russian borders might affect the efficiency of the military application of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces. Source


The Economic Effect of Education Worldwide

January 30, 2013

Among the world’s richest nations, there is much variance in the prioritization of education. Here we look at the relationships between a country’s wealth and the quality of schooling in that country. The schooling life expectancy measures the number of years of schooling a child can expect to receive, while the expenditure on education allows […]


The Big Food Wasters

January 30, 2013

The amount of food that is wasted in the United States and Europe each year alone could feed the entire world three times over. Its statistics like this that make you think twice before you throw away food or buy too much that you know you can’t eat before it spoils. Another crazy statistic: More […]



January 30, 2013

For our fifth round of infographic process, we worked with the investigation into our poster formatted layout. I need to work on revising my layout overall as well as the scale of each individual infographic. I also need to focus on refining specific moments in each infograph in order to strengthen each and generate a […]


NFL – Super Bowl Party

January 30, 2013

A look at the moves made in the NFL offseason in the days after the lockout ended.